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Top 5 Best Mens House Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis • 2021 Guide

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Are you suffering from pain in the heel due to plantar fasciitis? Being one of the most common foot injuries and sources of foot pain, there are millions of new plantar fasciitis cases each year. Symptoms typically last days or weeks and are well-known for their insistence on returning. To avoid a flare-up, it’s a good idea to invest in the best mens house shoes for plantar fasciitis rather than walking around the house barefoot.

Men have several options to choose from for use around the house ranging from slippers, slip-on sandals, and lightweight shoes that are good for indoor/outdoor use. In this guide, we share our top picks from each category.

The two most important features to look for when selecting house shoes for plantar fasciitis are cushioning – especially in the heel – and enough arch support to take the pressure off your midfoot. If you also have flat feet, a low-arch insole is typically all you’ll need. For people with high arches and plantar fasciitis, it’s wise to choose shoes with more arch support.

Lastly, if you have a severe case of plantar fasciitis or a recurring case, you may require a special anatomical footbed or orthotic insert to accommodate the unique contours of your foot. At the end of the guide, we recommend an insert you may want to consider adding to your house shoes.

Let’s get started below with our Top 5 chart before moving onto the individual reviews of each shoe.

Top 5 Mens House Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Shoe Description
#1) Orthofeet Men’s Asheville Slippers

  • Wide Sizes Available: Yes
  • Material: Leather Upper
  • Sole: Premium Orthotic Insole, Cushioning Heel
  • Model: S331
  • Price: $$$
#2) Crocs Men’s Classic Lined Clog

  • Wide Sizes Available: No
  • Material: 100% Synthetic, Faux Fur
  • Sole: Dual Crocs Comfort Footbed, Croslite Foam Outsoles
  • Model: 203591
  • Price: $
#3) Spenco Men’s Supreme Slipper

  • Wide Sizes Available: No
  • Material: All-Suede Upper & Synthetic Shearling Lining
  • Sole: Orthotic-Grade Arch Support, Compression Molded EVA Footbed
  • Model: 39-400
  • Price: $$$
#4) Adidas Men’s Originals Adilette Slides

  • Wide Sizes Available: No
  • Material: Single-Bandage PU-Coated Synthetic Upper
  • Sole: Contoured Footbed, PU Outsole
  • Model: 280647
  • Price: $
#5) Skechers Men’s Equalizer – Double Play

  • Wide Sizes Available: Yes
  • Material: Skech Knit Mesh Upper
  • Sole: Memory Foam, FlexSole Midsole, Flexible Traction Outsole
  • Model: 51509
  • Price: $$

Reviews of the Best Men’s House Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

As you can see, we selected a variety of shoes to fit indoor, outdoor, indoor/outdoor, summer, and winter situations. All of the shoes in this guide are recommended by plantar fasciitis sufferers because of their cloud-like feel and premium support. Below, we share reviews of each shoe to give you a better idea of what to expect from each model before you buy.

Along with the highlights of each shoe, we include the most important pros & cons to consider before making your final decision. The pros & cons sections are good places to find the positive and negative trends we identified in the current owner reviews.

#1) Orthofeet Men’s Asheville Slippers

The most premium shoe in our guide for plantar fasciitis sufferers is the Orthofeet Asheville slipper. This orthotic slipper is specifically made to provide relief for a wide variety of foot issues, including plantar fasciitis. The orthotic soles in these shoes are made to relieve pressure on the plantar fascia. Additionally, the Asheville slipper features extra cushioning in the heel to help relieve and prevent plantar fasciitis pain.

Other design highlights of the Asheville slipper include a seamless interior, a wide toe box, soft & stretchy leather uppers that hug your foot, and there are wide sizes to accommodate wide foot shapes. If you’re someone who has flat feet and plantar fasciitis, these are undoubtedly the best slippers in this guide.

A couple of final points to consider is that these slippers are best for indoor use and may get warm during the summer months since the interior does sport a lining. For men who want a shoe that works both indoors and outdoors year-round, there are better options in this guide. As far as house slippers go, these are the best available.


  • The best and most comfortable men’s house slipper for plantar fasciitis
  • Wide sizes available for people with wide feet
  • Spacious toe box for men with bunions
  • Antimicrobial fabric & foam
  • The anatomical arch support helps keeps the foot neutral to prevent overpronation
  • Highly praised by current plantar fasciitis sufferers for relieving pain
  • The top choice in our guide for men who prefer more arch support
  • They stand the test of time, positive reports after years of use
  • Super warm and comfy
  • The non-slip sole makes them okay to wear outside


  • They may slip off too easily for you
  • The sole may feel a bit stiff at first
  • Not waterproof

#2) Crocs Men’s Classic Lined Clog

For men who desire a cheap house shoe for plantar fasciitis that’s super-duper comfortable, it’s hard to beat the Crocs Classic Lined Clog. Yes, they’re not the coolest looking shoes in the world, but considering you’ll be wearing them around the house, style takes the backseat. Compared to the Orthofeet Asheville slipper above, the Crocs Classic Clog is better for indoor/outdoor use.

The key to Crocs comfort lies in the deeply cushioned footbeds and signature Croslite foam outsoles. With these shoes, you never have to worry about lacking shock absorption because the foam is thick, tough, and very lightweight. If you’ve never worn a pair of Crocs, the feeling is truly like walking on clouds.

A couple of final highlights of this shoe are the soft, fuzzy liner to keep your feet warm during the winter months yet not too hot during the summer, and the pivoting heel strap that allows you to switch between a slip-on & shoe. For running quick errands, the Croc Clog is a solid choice by simply pivoting the heel strap. Lastly, there’s also the Classic version without the lining if you desire something more waterproof.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use to run quick errands or to do work around the house
  • The lining is super soft and keeps the feet warm
  • True to size
  • Seriously like walking on clouds, not an exaggeration
  • Reports of feet not hurting at the end of the day by plantar fasciitis sufferers
  • They may help to relieve arch pain
  • Great support
  • Wide toe box for people with wide flat feet


  • Not the most stylish choice
  • No foot odor protection
  • The lining isn’t removable
  • Several complaints about them running small

#3) Spenco Men’s Supreme Slipper

Our second premium slipper pick for men who are seeking true orthotic support out of the box is the Spenco Supreme slipper. The soles in these slippers are packed with comfort features to help prevent & relieve plantar fasciitis pain. The first feature we want to highlight is the compression-molded EVA footbed, which is a type of footbed that’s typically found in the best hiking shoes for plantar fasciitis.

After the footbed, comes orthotic-grade arch support, a cushioned forefoot, metatarsal dome, and +5 mm heel lift for reliable shock absorption where you need it most. Next, pair the aforementioned features with Spenco’s signature Total Support Contour and deep heel cupping to get one of the most comfortable men’s house slippers on the market.

One final consideration is the Supreme Slipper is accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, which guarantees this shoe is good for men suffering from common foot issues. Lastly, if you’re concerned about odor control, the Spenco Supreme slipper features antimicrobial protection.


  • Non-slip rubber outsole for outdoor use
  • They don’t slip off as easily as the Orthofeet Asheville slippers
  • Excellent support and cushion for men with plantar fasciitis and high arches
  • Warm during winter months
  • Helps to prevent pain from walking around the house barefoot
  • Durable materials
  • May help to relieve heel pain
  • Good for running quick errands
  • Approved by men with flat feet


  • The priciest option in our guide
  • No wide sizes available
  • You may prefer thicker soles like Adidas or Crocs
  • The soles can trap gravel

#4) Adidas Men’s Originals Adilette Slides

The most versatile option in this guide is undoubtedly the Adilette Slides by Adidas. These slip-on sandals are loved by both men and women all around the world for their amazing blend of comfort, style, and durability. For men with plantar fasciitis who desire a waterproof slipper that’s good for indoor/outdoor use and all seasons, this is the shoe to choose. The best part is it’s the most affordable shoe in this guide, and it’ll also probably last you the longest.

The design is simply a secure jelly bandage strap to keep your foot secure and a thick contoured footbed. Of the five shoes in this guide, the Adilette Slides are the easiest to slip on and off. People, including myself, often leave them near the door for running errands or working around the house. I’ve even seen people buy multiple pairs for use both indoors and outdoors to avoid tracking dirt inside.

Also, these are good for wearing to the beach since they don’t trap sand, and they’re thick enough to avoid burning your feet walking over hot sand. At the end of the day, give them a quick rinse, and they dry quickly. Lastly, the soles are thick enough to comfortably walk over gravel, and the tread won’t trap small stones.


  • Cheap, efficient, and super comfortable
  • Waterproof, good for using around the house and pool
  • The footbed cups the heal nicely
  • Enough support to help alleviate plantar fasciitis pain
  • The best choice in our guide for indoor/outdoor use
  • The contoured footbed features arch support
  • A good choice for walking the dog, grabbing the mail, etc.
  • Very durable


  • No comfy lining for winter months
  • You may prefer a softer footbed
  • Potentially too narrow for wide feet

#5) Skechers Men’s Equalizer – Double Play

Skechers is well known for putting comfort before style, and this makes for comfortable shoes for affordable prices. Of the Skechers models currently available, the Equalizer Double Play is the best house shoe for men with plantar fasciitis. This versatile shoe is available in both standard and wide widths to accommodate men with wide and/or flat feet.

The clear advantage of choosing this shoe over the other four in our guide is its versatility and true slip-on shoe appearance. If you want a house shoe that does it all, this is the shoe for you. If you take a peek at the sole, you’ll see that this shoe provides the best traction of the shoes in this guide.

As far as comfort, you get several layers of cushioning, including a full-length memory foam insole, FlexSole midsole for shock absorption, and flexible traction outsole. It’s also important to consider that these shoes breathe very well, making them a good choice for summer months, and the fact that they’re machine washable is a nice feature to see.


  • Wide sizes available
  • Machine washable
  • Recommended by plantar fasciitis sufferers for use around the house
  • Super lightweight, you may not notice you have them on
  • Easy to slide on and off
  • You may find them more comfortable than Crocs
  • They have a slipper-like feel to them
  • They hold up well for daily use


  • You may desire more arch support
  • Some durability issues reported
  • Not the best choice for outdoor use

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve checked out the best mens house shoes for plantar fasciitis, I’m sure you have a good idea of which shoes will deliver the comfort you’re seeking. Of the brands in this guide, Orthofeet and Spenco provide the most relief for plantar fasciitis right out of the box. For this reason, they also cost the most since they feature premium orthotic inserts.

If you prefer to select your own inserts to pair with a different shoe that’s better for indoor/outdoor use, SOLE Signature EV Ultra-U Thick is the best orthotic insole for plantar fasciitis, especially for use in house shoes with its 3M Thinsulate insulation:

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